Spring Mission Work Team Trip

Since The Rev. Mukondi Ramulondi served as a mission partner at our church in 2013, we have been supporting his ministry at Diepsloot (a township close to Johannesburg, South Africa).  Rev. Mukondi has also been serving as the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of South Africa. We look forward to sending a team to South Africa to work with him.  The trip will also provide opportunities to gain insight into the wisdom and values of South African people.

The tentative dates are September 4-17.

Participants must contribute $2,000 toward their trip expenses.  Contact Cheryl Porrett at cporrett@bex.net or Tom Schwartz at tom@cpctoledo.org if you are interest in attending.


Save the Date April 23 -29

For several years we have been sending out a Disaster Assistance Team to work in a community that has had to cope with hurricanes. floods, and/or tornadoes. This year many people throughout our country have had to respond to serious flooding. So, we have decided to travel to Lafayette, Louisiana to work under the guidance of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program and assist them with flood recovery projects. If you are skilled in home repair or just have a strong desire to help, then consider joining us as we seek to help others. If you are interested in serving, contact Bob Burnett at robert.burnett@buckeye-express.com.