Christ Presbyterian


Christ Presbyterian Church began in 1951 as a mission consisting of several people and their children in the then sparsely settled northwestern part of Toledo. The fledgling mission founded by Reva Long, the wife of the pastor at Collingwood Presbyterian Church, was named the Happy Hollow Sunday School, and first held services in an unused tavern near the corner of West Central Avenue and Holland-Sylvania Road. When the building’s owners terminated the lease, the growing congregation met in the home of a member before moving to the old Corey Road Schoolhouse on the Robert A. Stranahan estate.


In 1952 the first members were received and the mission was organized as a church by the Presbytery. Because of limited space, Sunday School classes were frequently held in members’ station wagons parked outside the schoolhouse. The space problem was temporarily solved when classrooms for the Sunday School were rented from Horace Mann Elementary School.


Through the grace of God and the hard work and generosity of the Presbyterian Chapel members, as they were then called, the parcel of land at Sylvania Avenue and Talmadge Road was purchased and a chapel, fellowship hall, and offices were constructed in 1958. Classrooms were built in 1959; the sanctuary was completed in 1961, and additional meeting rooms; an office, and a library were finished in 1971. The wing which includes the gymnasium, kitchen and two official classrooms was added in 1985. Christ Presbyterian Church was launched on its mission for Christ!