In July of 2007, we joined in mission with Dios es Amor Presbyterian Church in Mexico City. They have been traveling to the mountain town of Pepechuca for a number of years to provide health care, clothing, children's toys, food and friendship. Our trip was coordinated by Rev. Jim Miller from Maumee Valley Presbytery and the Rev. Hazael Campuzano, the pastor of Dios es Amor. The team members from Christ Presbyterian Church were: Amy and Mallory Findley, Hannah Leonhard, Beth Posey-Leonhard, Comfort Ofori, Mary and Rachel Novakovic, Cheryl Nutting,  Elizabeth, Michael and Tom Schwartz, Linda Smith, Anne Taylor and Howard Wharram. The team was also joined by three members of Maumee Valley Presbytery, Marlene McCann, Mary Ellen Loar, and Melissa Detwiler. The members of Dios es Amor Presbyterian Church provided wonderful hospitality and we hope to continue to develop combined ministry projects.