Our Session (governing body) has voted to be an Equipping Church. We believe we are to promote and implement a ministry where all members are encouraged to discover, develop and use their God-given gifts in service to the church, community and world. The core values of an Equipping Church are:



 We rely on prayer to see God in all aspects of our ministry.


 The Priesthood of all Believers

 Every member is gifted and called into ministry.


 Servant Leadership

Leaders need to demonstrate humility, authenticity,

accountability and genuine care of people.


 Team Ministry

 Healthy community occurs when people are willing

to work together for the common good.



 We embrace equipping ministry and will implement systems to

prepare, connect and equip people for ministry.


 Proactive Approach to Change

We seek to respond creatively and pro actively to

shifts in culture while maintaining the message of Jesus Christ.



Encouraging Faithful Membership

Members of Christ Presbyterian Church are encouraged to faithfully meet the following expectations (taking into account their current life circumstances).


We believe that when members follow these expectations their spiritual lives will deepen and our church community will become more faithful in carrying out the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Belief and Hospitality

Believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,

and graciously invite and welcome others into our community of faith.


 Regular Worship

Attend Worship every Sunday that you are in town.


 Concern for Others

Participate in at least 5 hours of service each year

with a focus on caring for the poor, sick and/or disadvantaged.


 Faith Development

 Participate in one small group or Bible study each year.


 Generous Giving

Give generously in the mission and ministry of

Christ Presbyterian Church. We recommend giving at least 5% of

your household income and work toward contributing 10% or more.